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What a blessing that God brought you to our site. Take a moment and  look around allow God’s Holy Spirit to speak to you while you’re here. Here you can find details of our ministry, information, ways to connect, and direct links to our other ministries. Thanks again for stopping by, may the Lord God bless you and yours abundantly according to His Perfect Will.

Current Projects

Coming Late 2023

HFV Women’s Hub

HFV Women’s Hub is an online multi-cultural, multi-generational community for women.
This female-oriented website will offer real solutions to real life problems all from a biblical perspective. HFV Women’s Hub will give encouragement, insights, information, resource links, and inspirational stories. You will find devotionals, DIY projects, home décor, beauty and style, recipes, ministry tools, taboo topics, prayer networks, and “life application of the word of God applied to everyday life”. All with no membership fees, advertising, or distractions.

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HFV’s Announcements

Online Women's Bible Study

Freeze, Seek, Surrender-Fallow Ground This Bible study is designed to help women break the fallow ground in their lives this is a 5 book study we are starting with book 1. To learn more about this amazing study click here.

Sometimes The Journey Gets Hard

Don’t give up!

Disappointments, setbacks, betrayals, hurt, feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, misunderstood, worthless…You don’t have to walk alone.

Sharing Your Gifts With Others

Volunteer to help impact others online or in person. Share your gift of counseling, writing, teaching, etc. Make a donation to help sustain this ministry. Whatever you are led by the Holy Spirit to do.

Know Jesus

Mark 2:17 lets us know that Jesus came for not only the house wife, the career woman, and the student that don’t know Him as their Savior, but He also came for the prostitute, the drug addict, the thief, the atheist, and the outcast. Jesus came to save you and me from our sins. Why, because He loves us… click here

Why The Name Change After All These Years

Many of you have contacted us in regards to our name change. Well we’ve answered all your pressing questions.

click here

Quick Points

HerFaithVillage.com Ministries is dedicated to helping women and youth know Jesus on an intimate level. Shelle Frelo has founded a network of ministries under the mother ministry HerFaithVillage.com

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