The Crocus Flower

a symbol of endurance, strength, and victory.

A Symbol of Beauty  & Diversity

The Crocus Flower comes in an array of colors and combinations of colors, much like women. We come from different backgrounds, lifestyles, economic statuses, and places. But each of us are beautifully and wonderfully made.

A Symbol of Endurance

The Crocus Flower can thrive in even the coldest conditions. When other flowers whither and die the crocus flower blooms.

Like the women we can thrive in even the hashes conditions.

A Symbol of Strength & Victory

Even in drought the Crocus Flower can be found alive and well.

We as women can go through droughts in life that cause us to feel as if we won’t make it but thanks to Jesus even in the driest, darkest moments He gives us strength and victory. Ministries is dedicated to helping women and youth know Jesus on an intimate level. Shelle Frelo has founded a network of ministries under the mother ministry

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