Our Number One Mission Is To Glorify GOD


Our Overall Mission:

Is to bring together mature women and young women from all walks of life, from all over the world to one location (the HerFaithVillage.com-Women’s Hub) to learn, witness, share, and for us to become a source to challenge these women of all spiritual levels to look beyond their circumstances, situations, and individual baggage to God’s eternal plan for their lives.

Our Mission For The Non-Christian Woman:

Is to give them an opportunity to get an intimate look at who Christ is, how He works, His love for them, who He wants to be in their lives, and what God can do in their lives.

Our Mission To The Christian Woman

Is to enlighten, inspire, encourage, inform, and equip her through God’s Word applied to everyday life. And to provide a place for them to share their faith, their victories, and to grow in their relationship with Christ as they learn how to navigate through this thing called life for the glory of God.

HerFaithVillage.com Ministries is dedicated to helping women and youth know Jesus on an intimate level. Shelle Frelo has founded a network of ministries under the mother ministry HerFaithVillage.com

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