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To our faithful following and those that are stopping by for the first time, we hope you can join us for our Women's Conference coming soon. Please take a moment and read the letter below.

We have received countless emails asking why the name change? We will attempt to answer the question as Christlike and as short as possible.

Just For Us Ministries was formed in 1990 in California and transitioned to the Missouri/Kansas area. It grew and served many women and youth. It became the ministry that many of you know now.

When Shelle Frelo first started Just For Us Ministries she neverdreamed she needed to trademark the name. Lesson Learned.  In 2019 we were made aware that there was another ministry that began in 2018 in another state that was using our name to establish legitimacy.

After countless emails, conversations, text messages, back and forth, and through prayer Shelle decided to ensure the integrity of the ministry that it would be best to completely rebrand the ministry.

Rebranding is not a simple process as every aspect of the ministry will be impacted. For our faithful followers we ask that you be patient as we complete this process. For our new visitors we ask that you check back with us soon to learn more about the ministry and how it can serve you.

Thank you & God Bless you and yours
The renamed Just For Us Ministries

HerFaithVillage.com Ministries is dedicated to helping women and youth know Jesus on an intimate level. Shelle Frelo has founded a network of ministries under the mother ministry HerFaithVillage.com

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