The Crocus Flower

a symbol of of womanhood. Represents endurance, strength, and victory.

The Crocus Flower Embodies Womanhood

We are ALL beautiful

This beautiful delicate flower known for its beauty, comes in a variety of colors and mixture of colors…Much like the crocus we as women and one of God’s most wonderful creations come in many different ethnicities, nationalities, body types, and backgrounds. Yet, we are all beautiful. 

We are ALL stronger & More powerful than we think

Not only is the crocus flower known for its beauty it is also known for it resilience, endurance, and ability to still survive the harshest conditions… As women many of us share a common thread of heartbreak, disappoint, strife, and even abuse. Yet through Christ Jesus we are able to endure, able to get the victory, able to overcome. When we Christ much like the crocus flower we are able to withstand even the harshest conditions. Ministries is dedicated to helping women and youth know Jesus on an intimate level. Shelle Frelo has founded a network of ministries under the mother ministry

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